jumpstart cooking

When we first heard Donovan Fandre’s idea to revive his Microwave Master series on the web, we admit we were skeptical.  We had plenty of myths in our head about microwave cooking.  To us, the microwave was a mysterious and dangerous appliance.  We had no idea that it was actually one of the most useful tools in the culinary repertoire.

After our first shoot of 9 episodes of his video podcast, we were hooked.  Not only hooked, but convinced.  Yeah, it was fun to shoot an episode where we witnessed a brillo pad go aflame.  That was a hoot.  But we never really thought that the food would be so damn good!

It is with great pleasure that we present “JumpStart Cooking” (website) – a new website and video podcast that seeks to dispel all of the heresy surrounding that awesome little appliance.  The site and podcast launched on September 8th, 2010.  We hope you enjoy it!