information technology

leading with experience

Our first computer was a Timex Sinclair.  Does that tell you much about how long we’ve been doing technology?  If not, just a hint: it’s been a long, long time.

We love to piece together networks, servers and workstations.  We thoroughly enjoy finding the solution that you need to implement in your environment and making it happen.  We’ve worked with small businesses and large enterprises. You name it, we can make it happen.


Getting your solution in place is more than just hooking up cables and installing hardware/software.  It’s about working together to achieve your business goals.  We’ll work with you – not for you.  Together, we can make your solutions a reality.

Together, we’ll work on your business processes and needs.  We’ll develop a plan of attack for maintaining your environment with regularly-scheduled windows and patch deployments.  Between the two of us, we’ll get the right pieces in place to make you swim (and like, not sink, that is.  Get it?  Heh).

We specialize in solutions based on Linux and Mac environments, but Windows certainly doesn’t scare us off.  Whatever your choice in operating system, we’ll make it happen together.

pay only when we work

Look, this tech thing is a beast.  It’s a lot of work to stay on top of everything.  Sometimes we may not know how to work through something immediately.  If that’s the case and we have research to do, guess what?  You don’t pay for that.  You will only pay for the time when the trigger is pulled.

We quote and bid on all projects from beginning to end for design.  We’ll also provide a quote for the hourly maintenance.  In short, you will know exactly what you’re paying and what it’s for.

It’s as simple as that.