cast of characters

jason miller

creative director

So if you have a problem with this mess, this is the guy you need to talk to.  Jason is originally from Huntsville, AL and has lived here his whole life.  At the age of 13, he was involved in numerous theatrical endeavors.  At around 20, he put 5 years into the broadcast industry (where he met Jeff and Ben).

Then it was time for a career jump.  Jason branched out into the IT industry for a long, long time.  His experience ranges from small businesses with 5 users to large enterprises with 65,000 of them.  After garnering all of this experience under his belt, Jason felt it was time to pull it all together into a single, glorious effort.

…and so here it is.

lane lynn

director of design

Lane began her creative journey at the age of three when deciding her parents white halls would be much more interesting when covered in a Crayola abstract. Since that point, Lane has surrounded herself in all that is creative and worked within many creative fields. Form and function merge gracefully in her work, and she’s known for original thinking and targeted visual communications that deliver clear results for her clients.

ben acosta


Ben is a man of many talents.  Whatever he doesn’t know, he figures it out.  That’s a good trait to have.  He has worked in the broadcast industry in various roles for over 15 years.

This is the guy you’ll often see behind the camera, telling us what looks good and what doesn’t.  Ben is often the “eye” for most of the media-related projects.  He’ll certainly be excited to be your eye as well.