Shared Contacts in Lion Server

There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding around Apple’s “shared contacts” feature in Lion. If you spend some time searching the Apple Community forums and blogs, lots of folks are claiming that Apple has performed a feat of false advertising over this need.

Indeed, sharing contacts across an organization is a pretty big requirement. Not just do you want to share the contact info of the users in your directory, it would be more than beautiful if you could add shared contacts that everyone could search against.

I’ve published a screencast on how to do this. Here’s a hint: it involves a checkbox in your Lion server setup and some TLC with your Open Directory. Basically, you’ll make your Open Directory searchable by the Address Book Server and use the Directory Utility to put the shared contacts into your OD setup. It works like a charm and there’s no need to share a username and password amongst your users.

Sorry I spoiled the ending for you, but for details on this please watch the screencast. Comment below or contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I love to hear from folks!

Have any other heavy tips or requirements out of Mac OS X and you just can’t figure it out? Let me know and I’ll see if I can unravel it for you.

If the embed does not work for you, you can see the video here: